Breakthrough Technology for a Better Day-to-Day

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Focus on what matters.

Search, review chart summary information, take notes and make orders, all on the same screen.

Scroll through patient's entire record with ease.

Unified Notes and Orders

Chart faster with no complex menus and zero screen transitions.

Document histories, assess conditions, order tests, and much more — all using natural language directly within your note.

Each element of the note autocompletes as you type with entries most likely to apply in the current clinical scenario.

Autocomplete in the Note

Capture structured data for billing and population health.

Canvas automatically suggests language to finish content in the note as you type.

Autocomplete learns your charting style and continues to improve as you use Canvas.


Get the speed of templating while avoiding note bloat.

Easily configure microtemplates for exams, review of systems, questionnaires, and more — or use Canvas’ pre-built defaults.

Accurate, Actionable Health Maintenance Notifications

Enable best practices and maximize performance on MACRA and MIPS.

Easily view notifications in an unobtrusive banner, then seamlessly order and document in one click. Canvas does the work of aligning measures and reporting to Medicare and private payers.  If your practice receives a Medicare MIPS penalty, Canvas will pay you for the amount of the negative adjustment.

Proactive Panel Management

Deliver care at scale in a single, actionable screen.

With the Canvas Panel view, deliver care for your entire population instantly. Execute batch orders, quickly handle tasks, messages, referrals, and lab results in collaboration with your entire care team.

Comprehensive Chart Search

Review clinical information quickly and intuitively.

Simply start typing and the relevant search results will appear — including notes snippets, orders, results, and more.

Scroll through search results without any screen transitions and zero clicks.

Automated Workflows

Create mental space for complex clinical reasoning by automating routine workflows.

Instantly automate best practices by selecting relevant information in an existing chart.

Flexible, fine-grained automation allows linking of actions such as tests and referrals to specific patient elements such as diagnoses or narrative keywords.

Collaboration and Patient Engagement

Practice at top of license.

Any member of the care team can use Canvas — information entered by one person is instantly synced and available to the entire care team, with user permissions appropriate to licensing in your state.

Patient-facing data is automatically synced to the Patient App. Patient-authored information is easily generated and surfaced directly in the clinical note.

Streamlined Billing

Simplify business processes and improve collection rates.

Canvas comes with a full set of revenue cycle features: patient eligibility checking, automated claim creation and pre-scrubbing, payer rules engines, denial management, and more.

Clear dashboards and reports enable practices to track performance over time — and forecast for the future.

New Revenue Opportunities

Get paid more for your hard work.

Even as they impose new burdens, payers are opening up new revenue opportunities for primary care. Unfortunately, most medical record systems lack tooling for these new revenue streams.

Canvas is built from the ground up for these opportunities, including wellness visits, chronic care management, risk-adjusted payments, and more.

High Performance Practice Management

Keep your practice running efficiently.

Canvas offers fully-integrated scheduling, patient self-booking, point-of-service payment, and more.

Automation occurs at every possible point to make your front office more efficient and reduce administrative costs.

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