Support Independent Primary Care Practices

Independent primary care practices are vital resources for communities, providing the kind of care patients want at a better value than their health system counterparts. 

In our model, a health plan enters into a partnership agreement with Canvas Medical to support independent primary care practices. Independent practices using the Canvas platform can then decide whether or not to opt into the partnership.

Stream High Quality Data

Canvas streams clinical data from practices to health plans at an unprecedented level of granularity (when practices agree to such access as part of the partnership).

For practices, Canvas incorporates claims data from health plans directly into practice management and charting workflows.

Support Best Practices

Create workflows in Canvas to automate best practices and reduce administrative burdens. These could range from pre-authorizations for referrals to ordering at-home preventive service test kits. 

Canvas has a unique advantage over other tools: the practice already uses it to organize and deliver care.

Strengthen Independent Practices

Supporting high-performing independent primary care practices pays dividends for communities. 

Studies show that care from independent primary care practices is associated with reduced acute services utilization when compared to care from health system-affiliated primary care groups.

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