A Dedicated Process to Earn Your Trust

Full Service Onboarding

Onsite support before, during, and after launch ensures a positive impact at all times on clinical and business outcomes.

Canvas uses industry-leading technology to import all structured data and notes — historical information is fully intact and easily searchable.

Canvas staff map out key processes for different roles, ensuring seamless implementation across your entire practice.

Working Capital

Maintain cash flow with capital that makes up for any lost staff time during initial implementation.

With an intuitive interface, Canvas is easy to master — and once you are fully up to speed, revenue increases significantly. But practices should anticipate a small decrease in revenue for 2-3 weeks as onboarding occurs.

Canvas Medical provides a working capital grant to account for this, ensuring that Canvas has a positive impact at all times on practice cash flow.

Regulatory Guarantees

Practice medicine without worrying about MACRA or MIPS — Canvas guarantees positive adjustments.

Canvas automatically includes measures you need to succeed in MIPS and value-based care. Early users have reduced missed health maintenance services by 40%. 

Canvas also handles all reporting to CMS — with no extra work required by your practice.

Financial Impact

The primary goals of Canvas Medical will always be to improve outcomes for patients and make the day-to-day for clinicians better.

We also recognize that finances are important. During our initial engagement, Canvas experts complete a detailed financial analysis of your practice to determine potential opportunities.

The admittedly simplistic calculator below gives a flavor of a few of the categories we look at (with a particular focus on the Medicare population). The revenue opportunities your practice wishes to pursue — or not pursue — are entirely up to you. Canvas simply provides the tooling to put you in command.